Hello there!

This is Erkut Evirgen. I am founder of Wisen.tech and Principal Software Engineer & Technology Consultant living in London with a strong affection for technology and art.

Studied Computer Science and completed MSc degree in the field of Machine Learning. I have worked with a number of different companies since the beginning of 2000s including Sony Europe, Turkcell, Veripark, OBSS, VISA, HSBC and Wisen.

I worked in various projects as developer, architect, consultant, senior manager and actively participated in all stages of software creation processes of highly concurrent - low latency web projects, highly transactional - highly secured financial projects and technology transformation projects.

Generally doing more in backend with Java, JEE and related frameworks. But nowadays, interested in utilisation of the massive volumes of raw user event data, stream processing, data capture & analytics and data visualisation with little recent areas of interests like Apache Flink, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Data Streaming, Big Data, Machine Learning.

I am the drummer of Minor Royals which is a London-based five-piece band, writing and recording original music. Our music is available on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp amongst other streaming services globally.

As a side project, I am working on my musical background and composing my own solo songs.

I created this blog to display my opinions on various subjects; mainly about software development processes, entrepreneurship, technology and music.

Anyway, if you wanna find out more or share something with me please drop a message via email: erkut[at]wisen.tech